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NET   Channel Highlights

Rainbow Milk Experiment

Rainbows are not just something that you could see in the sky. In this experiment, Miss Saher will tell you how to make different colours dance in milk. Beautiful, isn't it?

The Coca Cola and Mentos Experiment

Have you ever heard of the famous cola and mentos experiment? What happens when we put mentos in coke? In this video, Mr Jordan will show you but you may not want to try this at home because the result is explosive!


How can people float in Dead Sea? What is the magic? In this video, Miss Jayme will use salt to show you what makes things float.

Crafts Bubble Painting

Bored at home? Follow the steps and make a beautiful bubble picture with straws and bubbles with Miss Jayme!

Let's make a
bouncy egg!

In this video, Mr Robert is going teach you how to make a bouncy egg! What ingredients do we need? What are the steps? Watch this video to find out!

Easter Egg Colouring

What do we hunt in Easter? That's right, Easter eggs! Learn how to colour Easter eggs with Miss Janice to make your one and only, unique Easter egg! 

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