Meet our NETs!

Miss Lauren 

United Kingdom

I love swimming, playing football and watching rugby. I love being creative and enjoy art, drama and cooking. I enjoy being outdoors and I am really looking forward to hiking and exploring Hong Kong!

Miss Saher


I usually indulge in reading, cooking, creating crafts, finding strange facts online, and I have recently been dabbling in table tennis. I also enjoy learning about world history, different countries and its culture.

Miss Este 

South Africa

I want to inspire children to enjoy English, like I did at school. I want to transfer my passion for reading and literature to the children that I teach. In my class, I strive to give students the tools they need to become great English speakers. I always try to focus on positive reinforcement to make my students feel comfortable and confident.


Miss Jayme

South Africa

I have always loved reading. I also enjoy doing yoga, cooking, painting and continually learning new things. 
Terence (2).jpeg

Mr Terence

United Kingdom

I enjoy both road and mountain biking. I love coaching rugby in Hong Kong. I love cooking, staying healthy and on weekends you will find me hiking Hong Kong’s hills and valleys. I want to inspire students to be creative. I want to create a fun, challenging and rewarding environment where students will enjoy learning English.

Miss Macy 


I enjoy going rock climbing, playing board games and travelling to different places. I always like to try new things! My goal is to inspire and challenge students to take risks and be their best in a warm and safe classroom environment.

Mr Justin 

South Africa

I love sports in general. I am also interested in history and I love cooking. I aim to create fun and engaging lessons which pique students’ curiosity and inspire them to continue learning.