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Meet our NETs!


Miss Lauren 

United Kingdom

I love swimming, playing football and watching rugby. I love being creative and enjoy art, drama and cooking. I enjoy being outdoors and I am really looking forward to hiking and exploring Hong Kong!


Geoffrey Angco

United Kingdom

I am a rugby player and sporting enthusiast, thoroughly enjoying the physical challenge and competition. A love for the outdoors drives me to explore and connect with nature, embracing the wonders of the natural world. An avid reader, finding immense pleasure in the power of literature to transport me to captivating realms, broaden perspective, and foster personal growth.


Suman Rajalakshmi


I love hiking, doing yoga and playing badminton. Every Sunday, you can find me playing badminton with my friends.


Khan Sabahat Jamroz


I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. I like to learn new recipes and cooking/baking techniques. It doesn’t go well all the time but that’s what I enjoy about “experimenting in my kitchen” I also enjoy nature, so I like going on hikes with my family and visiting beautiful green areas and the sea. These places just allow me to recharge.


Aisha Naseem


As much as I love being a homebody, just crawling in a corner with a good book and a drink, my extrovert side comes out every once in a while where I’m out and about hiking, exploring new places, swimming, playing badminton, and getting to know the world each step at a time.

Charles Rylands

United Kingdom

I enjoy playing and watching sport especially watching football and rugby. I also enjoy spending time with friends going shopping and to the cinema to watch comedy films.

Lisa Pienaar

South Afica

I am an avid reader, and I am passionate about the literary arts. I enjoy socializing, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I love learning new things and sharing knowledge with others.
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