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Meet our NETs!


Miss Lauren 

United Kingdom

I love swimming, playing football and watching rugby. I love being creative and enjoy art, drama and cooking. I enjoy being outdoors and I am really looking forward to hiking and exploring Hong Kong!


Miss Kathy


I love travelling and enjoy sports such as swimming, tennis and hiking. I'm interested in creative arts and love colours that are found in nature.


Mr Gareth 


I enjoy running, playing football and trying to surf. I love being creative and enjoy producing art, baking and reading. I am fond of exploring Hong Kong and the nature that surrounds it whilst taking the chance to practice my photography skills. 


Miss Jayme

South Africa

I have always loved reading. I also enjoy doing yoga, cooking, painting and continually learning new things. 

Miss Jenna 

United Kingdom

In my free time I love to bake, create art, learn about world history, and practise aerial hoop. I love socialising and trying new food. I’ve been in Hong Kong for three years and hopefully many more!

Mr Alex 

United Kingdom

I enjoy watching all genres of film but especially Science Fiction. I’m an avid video gamer and have been playing all sorts of video games since I was 5 years old! I also enjoy cooking and hope to improve my skills over the next few years.
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Miss Raji 


I love hiking, doing yoga and playing badminton. Every Sunday, you can find me playing badminton with my friends.