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Meet our NETs!


Miss Lauren 

United Kingdom

I love swimming, playing football and watching rugby. I love being creative and enjoy art, drama and cooking. I enjoy being outdoors and I am really looking forward to hiking and exploring Hong Kong!


Mr Mathee 

South Africa

I am an avid runner and enjoy spending time on long runs. I consider myself a person of science and love reading up on some of the newest and exciting innovations impacting our world for the better.


Mr Jadon

South Africa

I enjoy spending as much time as possible outside. I love any and all sports especially rugby, football, cricket, tennis and golf.


Miss Kathy


I love travelling and enjoy sports such as swimming, tennis and hiking. I'm interested in creative arts and love colours that are found in nature.


Miss Jenna 

United Kingdom

In my free time I love to bake, create art, learn about world history, and practise aerial hoop. I love socialising and trying new food. I’ve been in Hong Kong for three years and hopefully many more!

Mr Alex 

United Kingdom

I enjoy watching all genres of film but especially Science Fiction. I’m an avid video gamer and have been playing all sorts of video games since I was 5 years old! I also enjoy cooking and hope to improve my skills over the next few years.

Miss Marie


I enjoy writing about art and, of course, visiting art exhibitions. I also love reading fiction books and poetry collections. To keep fit, I play tennis and dance. Trying different cuisines is also something I enjoy doing. So I'm looking forward to exploring the food scene in Hong Kong.
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