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2020 - 2021 English Short Film

Sing with our Glorious Matchmakers

Girls, let’s dress up and sing for luck! Back in the days, finding a husband of high social standing holds huge significance to a girl as it was the only way to bring honour and pride to her family. The soundtrack featured in this scene, “Honour to us all”, depicts society’s expectations and standards on women.

By studying the tune’s lyrics and singing this song, our little actresses got to understand the immense pressure that women had to bear in the old days. “I will study harder from now on because I can,” said one of the actresses in this scene during the rehearsal as she understood being able to go to school as a girl is a true blessing that no girls could enjoy back in the days.

We are off to war!

After intensive training, the soldiers finally went off to war in this scene. Unfortunately, the soldiers found out that Shang’s father, General Li, had died. Marching with a brave soul, Shang overcame his sadness and defeated the troop’s biggest villain, Shan Yu.

The beautifully filmed video that you are seeing on screen now did not come easy. Our little actors and actresses had to film the scene in Cheung Chau and Nam Sang Wai under the heat during their holidays. Here’s not only to the magnificent production that had come out in the end, but also to our students’ incredible effort and perseverance.

Before the Red Carpet

The screening ceremony was of an astounding success! On the night of the ceremony, actors and actresses were invited to walk the red carpet to greet the audience. A huge congratulations to 6B Cody Ng (Shang), 6C Melody Chau (Mulan) and 5A Alef Chan (Mushu) for winning Best Actor and Best Actress in our little Oscars.

Another highlight for the cast would surely be enjoying the “Behind the Scenes” video that documented their dedication and grit during the gruelling filming process. You don’t believe it was a gruelling filming process? Take a look at this video to find out how persistent and determined our cast was in the process!

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