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2018 - 2019 English Musical

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

Meet our Charlie Bucket - August Chan

On the night of the performance, August won everyone’s applause, but his brilliant performance did not come from just a snap of a finger.

August has always been one of our English stars. When he assumed the role, he thought it was going to be easy. As it got closer to the night of the performance, August realised standing on the stage is more than just his talent, but it also required his hard work and perseverance. Since then, August practised his lines and songs day in day out, at home or at school – even at the backstage without air-conditioning on a summer day.

Let’s go back to that night of the performance and re-watch his singing of “A letter from Charlie Bucket”. We can all agree that August definitely deserves all the applause!

Sing with Charlie Bucket

The musical was a celebration – a celebration of students’ hard work and effort. In preparation of the celebration, our two Charlie Bucket – August Chan and Jay Lin, taught other students how to sing the theme song, Pure Imagination. We all sang the song together on the night of the musical. Hit the rewind button and enjoy singing along with them!

The success of the musical

The amazing performance did not just come from the hard work of actors and actresses. Many other student teams also orchestrated the performance.

We had more than 100 students participating in the musical production, including the band, the hand chime team, the recorder team, the choir, the art ambassadors and the little reporters. This was a great learning experience for all the students involved. A big thank you for all their effort that contributed to the night’s success!

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